6 Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Businesses in The World

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Express and let others know your emotions, feelings, and thoughts were althogether made possible after the entry of social media networking platforms in our life. While common people got platforms for expressions, businesses found a new way to reach their customers with their marketing strategies. In fact, they got an inexpensive method to promote their business and it helped them prevent the need for incurring hefty costs on television and print media. If you have not yet given your business a social media voice, you are surely losing out your potential customers and business. Here are the most popular and widely used social media sites for business owners.


The world’s largest social media networking site named Facebook is an incredible platform for almost all business owners to consider using for their promotional offers. The monthly active users of Facebook is somewhere around 2.2 billion in the world. It is the right platform that should be given a due consideration when it comes to reaching a wider audience.


Instagram may not be as old or as big as Facebook but the fact can’t be either denied that it is a widely used social media platform all over the globe. The most active users in a research was found to be women and that is why for business selling products or services to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and other visual oriented products Instagram is a great choice for reaching out with their offers.


Twitter is so big that there are around 328 active users who use it worldwide. It is a platform where its users learn about local and global trends. That is why Twitter is an ideal networking site for brands that talk about trends in their fields. You can reach impressive people with your content, and make your brand more valuable.


Linkedin is a social media platform with a general focus on business professionals and owners. B2B marketing services can be easily targeted on Linkedin as its audience belong to business fields. Your business and career also gets a free presence as you are allowed to create a page for your business and express your position in the companies you work or have worked in your past time.


Millions of users use YouTube throughout the world on a daily basis. It is the largest platform for video content sharing in the entire world. You can reach your audience with video content and it has been proved that videos influence people more than text messeges. You can download videos that you feel will help your business and can get recognition by uploading your own business videos faster than other social media websites.


Pinterest use has increased in our country India and in the other nations of the world. The recent statistics show an incredibe rise in the number of active users for Pinterest in the world. It can provide a great deal of benefits for crafts, home improvments, nutrition, sports and fashion industries.

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