No matter how much the price of fuel price gets, there will always be enough transport on the roads. Therefore, a logical conclusion that we draw is that auto repair services, and trade of auto parts will keep on be in high demand. However, selling auto parts will always be a profitable business compared to offering auto repair services.

It is to be noted here that there are several factors that influence the success of your auto parts business viz fashion trends, advertising, legislation changes. So, be aware of it and as a business owner, you will have to constantly monitor all the market trends, changes, and always have a contingency plan of actions to react to those changes on time.

When you look at the industry side of an auto parts business, you will be facing a great level of tough competition. That is why for beginners, it is somehow challenging to deal in a business of auto parts. They must do a carefull consideration of their marketing policies. Your main emphasis should be place on hiring qualified and right kind of personnel who understand customer persons better, and at the same time deliver a good quality services to your potential clients.

You will also be analyzing the state of the auto parts market in your juricdiction. It is possible that you may be able to find your own niche selling auto parts for cars, trucks, buses, etc. It could be your good luck for a great started if your regional market does not have stores with the same assortment as yours.


Rais Dar is a Small Business Consultant from Bangalore, Karnataka.


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