Students who study in colleges often tend to run out of money fast due to the harsh college expenses. Many students aren’t affected at all as their financially strong families always back them. However, most of them are left with no choice other than looking for a part time in a restaurant or bar or make money while starting a side business in order to pay their living costs and university fees. In our country, there are plenty of opportunities for students to start their own business and the following 6 are the best examples of student friendly business ideas.

Write courseworks

Those students who study in a particular field are highly sort after as there is a great demand for eassy writing online. Even the CBSE level students are always willing to pay you for writing their courseworks.

Write website articles

There happen to be so many website owners who loathe when it comes to writing content as it is long, laborious and non-cost effective for them. If you are happy to write articles, you may like to connect with and Register for free and offer your services as a writer.

Social Media work 

Find yourself always sitting on Facebook or Twitter? I bet you didn’t know that there are some people who will pay you to operate and manage their social media campaigns for them. pays for tweets so if your Twitter account has thousands of followers sign up and see how much you can earn selling sponsored tweets.

Pet Walking 

Students do have quite a bit of spare time so why not look after pets and get paid at the same time? busy people who have to go to work early and get home late at night need someone to baby sit their beloved pets for them during the day. you can earn as much as 1000 per hour pet sitting and if you enjoy it that much you could always set your own dog walking business.

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg 

Everyone loves fresh food (this one of the most original business student ideas) and if you’re not able to grow fruit and veg then a small herb garden is perfect for students who live in flats or shared accommodation. Get a book from the local library or ask your Dad on how to grow herbs from pots and then resell at local fruit and veg markets or to farm shops.

Sell your old books

You can get some extra cash by selling your old books to other students. You can either sell your juniors directly or sell them through online websites like Ebay. While you will end up earning some extra money, other students will get books for study.

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