Women have proved time and time again that they aren’t just capable of leading men in education, healthcare, etc but also in the field of business. Various researches show that women ownership on businesses is on the rise all over the place. This level of progress by women over time debunks one big myth – women can’t pursue entrepreneurship as they lack capability.

It also teaches us a lesson that we should not underestimate the entrepreneurial ability of women rather must accept the fact they have what it takes to start and run a successful business. Nonethlesss, here we bring you around 7 home based yet low cost based small business ideas for Indian women eager to start their own businesses.

Become a blogger

One of the best examples of a home based business women in India can start is blogging. A big thank you goes to the Google Adsense and several other affiliate marketing companies for making us able to earn while sharing our ideas, insights with others through blogging. To start and succeed in blogging, you require to have a laptop, an internet connection, and offcourse your ability to articulate content that proves helpful in the decisions of others. You must adopt a systematic approach as given below to begin your blogging journey.

  • Select a niche for blogging based on your expertise. It could either be health or business or social work or something else.
  • Create and design a blog using WordPress or Blogger platform.
  • Choose a topic to write about and create long yet quality posts either once or twice or thrice a week. Minimum word count should be 1000 in your initial period of your blogging time.
  • Search for other blogs in your niche and build backlinks and do onpage SEO as well.
  • Promote your blog posts on social media to attract traffic.
  • Once you attract a good number of visitors(100 users daily), apply for Google Adsense to get approved for showing ads on your blog.
  • Show consistency all the time you blog with time and don’t give up until you start to make a full time income from your blog.

Affiliate marketing

You will learn about many monetisation methods as your experience grows in blogging but affiliate marketing will always stand out when it comes to making a hell lot of money from your blog. Your registeration for affiliate marketing programs means you will be promoting products or services of others to your visitors. When someone of your audience makes a purchase through your affiliate links, you will be paid commission for sales.

Basket Weaving Business

Women who have talent and best craft skills are likely to enjoy a basket weaving business. You will also make profits beyond your imagination. However, it is to be noted that possesing excellent skills for crafting isn’t the only requirement, you also need to have mature skills for marketing to combat and win over the stiffer industry competition.

Pet Sitting

A pet sitting business would make a great business for those cat and dog lovers. Pet sitting as a business is still a new industry, but one that continues to grow each year. Now consider just a decade ago this industry was non-existent. Today experts estimate that approximately 3 percent of households nationally use a pet sitter service or dog walker.

Although 3 percent sounds small, that translates into about 50 to 60 million visits annually, with approximately 10,000 bonded or insured pet-sitter businesses. What is a pet-sitting business? Pet-sitters mainly care for pets while their owners are away, either for a day or for vacation or business.

In addition to just watching the pets, pet sitters also walk them, feed them, brush them, and may on occasion give them medication or injections. They also perform extra services like daytime in-home visits while owners are away and pooper-scooper services.

As families continue to live busier lives, and as more two income families with pets travel more for business and pleasure, pet sitting will be needed. Pet-sitting is also a business the whole family can enjoy together, something you can get a responsible child to get involved with. It is also a business that does not require a large investment to get started.

Catering Business

If you have a passion for cooking, creating and testing new recipes and enjoy feeding people, then a catering business may be right up your alley, and makes it one of those great business ideas for women.

Every day across the United States, and throughout the world, thousands of catered events are happening, making catering a business that is always in demand. According to the National Association of Catering Executives, the catering industry is a $7.1 Billion a year business.

With a catering business, you do not have to be all things to all people. You can specialize. You may be interested only in catering weddings. Maybe corporate events interest you, or banquets, or just small intimate gatherings like cocktail parties. Whatever niche you decide to specialize, just know wherever people like to gather to eat and socialize, there will be a need for catering.

Starting a catering business does not require you to have a formal cooking education, and it is a business where you can start small at first and operate out of your kitchen, or a room in your house. You can even start part-time, and over time gradually build your business into a full-time operation. Catering allows you to be creative, have fun and gives you the freedom and financial rewards of owning your own business.

Bookkeeping Service

If you enjoy math, have great organizing skills, and have an eye for details, then you may enjoy having a bookkeeping service. There are many reasons starting a bookkeeping service is a great idea. One reason for starting a bookkeeping service is the growing number of entrepreneurs who are starting small businesses and cannot afford a full-time accountant.

For many of these entrepreneurs they understand they must keep good records but do not want the hassle of doing it themselves. Many businesses large and small are also finding it cheaper to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Another reason: although people are more aware of the need to watch their finances and control their spending, people still hate math and do not enjoy having to manage their finances and would rather pay someone else to do it.

All of these reasons and many others indicate that bookkeeping services are needed and that need is here to stay. What makes this one of the many great home business ideas for women is that you do not need to rent expensive office space. You can run your business right from the comfort of your home.

You also do not need to hire additional staff. You can also start part-time, and as the demand for your services grow, you can at that time decide to go full-time. So if you have a day job, keep it and start your bookkeeping business part-time on the side.

If you love numbers but you feel you do not have the skills necessary to operate a successful bookkeeping business, do not despair. There are many resources available where you can get the training you need. There are also online courses you can take in your spare time that will give you the skills you will need.

Event Planning

If you love to entertain and you have a natural flair for organizing events, then welcome to the exciting world of event planning. Event planners are very creative, love people, and are well organized.

Event planners can arrange kinds of events. Everything from small private gatherings like birthday parties, cocktail parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, to large events such as corporate functions, political fundraisers, fashion shows, product launches, and conferences. Event planning is a business that does not require any special education or knowledge to get started, and like a catering business, you can start small by operating from your home.

Event planning is a huge industry with still more room for growth. According to recent research conducted by Joe Goldblatt, Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), annual spending for special events worldwide is estimated at $500 billion. Also add to the fact the baby boomers are aging, and according to Goldblatt, “As the baby boomers age, they have more to celebrate— and do!” So if you have ever daydreamed about striking out on your own and starting an event planning business, then now is the time to jump in.

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