Starting your own Candle Making Business

Candles have long been an addition to any interior. They add conviviality, coziness, and especially atmosphere to any table. Many different candles can be found now. There is always a demand for such a product, so the candle making business idea is very profitable. It is quite simple to set up home production and does not require large financial investments. There are now candles on the market with […]

Starting a Flea Market Business

Flea markets have fascinated me since 1977. That’s the year I started selling at them to increase my cash flow. In addition, I had no showroom to increase my client base. They are located worldwide. The term includes collectibles, art and crafts, antiques, and sometime outright junk. Some of these operations have grown and become quite […]

Starting an Avon Business

Avon calling was a phrase some can remember from the early days. There are very few century old companies still functioning today. Here are steps to get you started and running your own avon business. Outrank competitors Easy to sell Branding Direct Sales The shopping experience even in our modern era is an exciting experience […]

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