How to Start a Tire Shop Business in India

Starting a tire shop is a great choice of business in the automotive industry as people who own vehicles will require tires or tyres at some time. A tire business is a broad business representing a variety of activities. However, a tire shop’s speciality is to offer tires whether used or new when demanded by its customers.

There could be some additional services you might want to provide besides selling tires to your clients. They could be offering a tire repair service which again is broad as it involves a number of tasks including puncture removal, tire change, and other activities. To facilitate more diverse services you may provide wheel alignment and balance services in your tire shop. Here are the four simple steps to consider in order to get to started with a tire shop in your locality.

Evaluate competition

The tire market faces a crowdy competition as there are countless independent shops and services centers of companies. That is why it is foolhardy to ignore the actions of competition which will in turn help you find ways of growth and survival in the market. One of the good ways to make sure your business is sort after by customers is to focus on customer services.

The more good service you provide, more customers will end up in your shop. For example, you may decide to charge low than your rival businesses or offer some other good customer experiences your competitors are unable to provide to their customers. There are other areas where you eyes should go when you do competition evaluation. Scan down all actions and strategies of your rivals and find out their loopholes which you could use for gaining advantage over your competitors.

Your requirements

It is to time for business setup after you have done your research on competition. You will require different things to build your tire business. The most important requirement will be creating a business plan in which you will be detailing everything including customers, competitors, financial estimatess, infrastructure, marketing strategies, etc of your business. After you have documented all necessary requirements, you will be looking for a license required to operate your business. It could be obtained from your city authority.

The next step to follow after business license would be looking at the avialabity of shop on rent at the roadside location with a good parking space. It will be followed by buying and keeping a stock of tire inventory in your shop and tools to be used to offering tire repair and other services to your customers.

Extra services to deliver

You will be going beyond your core speciality of selling tires on the condition you have decided to provide some extra services to your customers. It would a great decision as the tire market is overly competitive and you would be able to earn some extra profits. Your additional services could be a repair, selling snack food or selling tea or coffee to your customers. By these means you will gain a competitive advantage over other at the place where you have deicded to locate and operate your tire shop.

Tools and equipment

You will need a tire changer as your customers might want you to change old tires of their vehicles. When you decide to offer a tire repair or other services you will have to arrange wrenchs, tire levers, compressors, wheel alignment machines, etc. Get only those tools after you have made the decision on what kind of services you would deliver to yout customers.

Market your businesss

You won’t need to take your advertising message on a national channel after all it is business targeting customers around your own locality. A good marketing decision would using a local newspaper or cable networks and build a local network with other allied businesses operational in your city. For example, you may tie up with paint and dent shop. They would send you customers when their customers face a tire problem and you will send them customers who require paint and dent services. You should also use Google maps for your business. That’s all we believe you are required to get a proper guidance towards launching your own tire shop business.

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