Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Meaning and Importance

All the entrepreneurs who own online businesses need to understand the importance of SEO, an abbreviated form of search engine optimisation. SEO is a digital marketing practice in which you attract users towards your website from search engines, no matter your intent be driving sales of your products, providing information on a particular matter, or anything else. Anyway, if you own an online business, no matter the need it serves, you can’t at all afford to underestimate the value of SEO practices.

The SEO practice has changed a lot all the way from its initial period of launch until today. It was lot easy earlier as there were a few parameters webmasters had to qualify. However, as time passed by, SEO became more sophisticated and at the same time a daunting practice in an attempt to phase out spammy activities. In its earlier period of time, backlinks, no matter their quality would mean a lot when it came to ranking websites in search engines. However, search engines in a bid to provide real and actionable value to their users, decided to showcase those websites which had backlinks from high-authority and relevant websites.

That was the time blackhat and whilehat SEO technique came into the formation. Blackhat SEO practioners were deranked and devalued while as people who practiced whitehad techniques would go on to rank high in search engine results.

SEO is all about techniques that make search engines fall in love with websites. The love between a website and search engine is considered strong when a website’s articles are ranked high in search engine page results. On the other hand, their love is considered weak, when a website doesn’t attain desired rankings.

This love between websites and search engines takes place when a websites has it all to qualify various parameters of search engines. For example, good quality backlinks from relevant websites, quality content, better social engagement would naturally boost rankings of your websites. However, low quality links, also reffered as spammy links, low quality content, and a bad social presence of your brand would derank your website and perhaps might not rank well as long as you continue to use them.

In conclusion, SEO is about using methods that help you in getting a favour from search engines when it comes to ranking your websites. SEO has generally two types – onpage SEO, and offpage SEO. Onpage SEO means working on your website that includes giving it an attractive design, publishing quality content, adding meta tags, building internal links between all of your pages you have published on your website. Offpage SEO is all about working on parameters beyond your website such as social media presence, building backlinks from other websites, etc.

SEO is important because it allows you get a good rank in search engines and attract users or visitors who you intend to sell your products or services or information or your experience. You can’t expect your desired sales or other customer actions unless you work on your SEO requirements. If you are found to be a person who works hard on good practices, search engines will have no reason to rank you high in their results. The more good work you are able to show on SEO, more visitors will land on your websites and thereby help you generate sales and revenue.

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