Starting a Flea Market Business

Flea markets have fascinated me since 1977. That’s the year I started selling at them to increase my cash flow. In addition, I had no showroom to increase my client base. They are located worldwide. The term includes collectibles, art and crafts, antiques, and sometime outright junk. Some of these operations have grown and become quite famous within themselves.

A number of these swap meets are within an hour of my home. Yet I’m not able to attend now like I did years ago. Two reasons prevents me.

  • Work
  • Appointments

One I plan to atttend is located in Canton,Mississippi. The average attendance is 50,000. I’ve had booth space in Jackson and Vicksburg. Mississippi tourism continue to grow through the promoting of flea markets.

Steps to earn extra income

  • Select field of interest
  • Research the field
  • What category is most profitable?
  • What dealers are selling?

Narrow product search

  • What is your personal hobby?
  • What unique craft have you seen?
  • Consumer merchandise in wholesale lots
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • A necessary service

Hot selling items

  1. Advertising from 1930’s
  2. Architectural elements and details: Doors, shutters, mantels, windows flooring
  3. Art: Local and regional artist
  4. Books
  5. Boxes and Bins
  6. Clothing: 19th century into the twenties
  7. Dolls
  8. Furniture
  9. Kitchenware
  10. Picture Frames
  11. Tools
  12. Toys

One source you can examine right now is right in your own home. Start by doing an inventory of every room in your home. This process can be a twofold project, you can reduce clutter and build your business inventory.

Other sources can be found by recycling, buying factory surplus, garage sales, consignment shops, estate sales, swap meets, attending auctions and consulting building demolishers. You can determine what markets you will attend based on distance, popularity and projected attendance.

How frequent?

This question will be answered based on your profit, your present responsibilities and goals. However, if you enjoy meeting new faces and direct sales you’ll find that establishing a flea market business exciting and financially rewarding.

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