7 Best Information Technology Business ideas

Information technology over last 20 years emerged as one of the top most crucial and transformative sectors in the socio-economic development of world. Realizing its significance, businesses use it to ensure their departments connect and operate as smooth as possible, government bodies utilise it to make all governmental services accessible to citizens etc

Here are top 7 best information technology related small business opportunities for individuals who aspire becoming entrepreneurs in the information technology field:

1. E-commerce solutions

There is a growing need for e-commerce solutions as a result of increasing preference for online shopping. Adding a web interface for brick and mortar companies isn’t an option rather a must. With few market competitors, today is the great time for launching a business that provides e-commerce solutions such as enterprise resource planning software, shopping carts, order processing software, SEO etc to those brick and mortar organisations that lack budget for hiring professionals.

2. E-learning service

Electronic learning has won defined place in the mission of most countries especially in countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria etc that aims at facilitating educational services to schools, colleges, universities etc through electronic media. One who is trained in e-learning domain should consider plunging into it.

3. IT hardware services

With use of IT becoming indispensable across all business domains and growing complexity of computer networks, hardware support services that help in troubleshooting computer hardware failures, computer setup assistance etc to banks, government bodies and even to private corporations has emerged as a cashing cow opportunity in the information technology sector. If skilled, consider starting a hardware support services business.

4. Web portal services

As internet and ecommerce industries are on rise, a major market slice in the form of hotels, offline retail stores, tourist transport etc exists for internet portals dealing with shopping, travel and tourism, jobs etc. Furthermore, due to very small seed capital and input cost requirements, this business can prove highly rewarding for those who are best at offering web portal services. 

5. Graphic designing

With the emergence of hi speed internet and availability of great software platforms, anyone with an art of conjuring logos, brochures, packaging etc you can also think about starting a graphic designing business. Throughout the whole world, there is a mature market for graphic designing services.

6. Telecommunication

In most least developed and in many developing countries, a telecommunication business might do wonders for your bank account because it is still largely unexplored in such countries. However starting a telecommunication company isn’t possible unless you have a massive capital investment.

7. Internet cafe

Many think internet cafe is a dead trade due to the availability of cheap internet packs and smartphones. That isn’t fully true. In fact, wherever you launch an internet cafe business, it probably can greatly work there provided you offer good user experience.

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