Tools & Equipment Needed for Auto Repair Shop

One of the important considerations for all auto repair business owners is the right hunt and selection of necessary and essential tools. It is very important that you are able to understand your requirement before you go out to shop tools and equipment for your business.

Tools and equipment are crucial in the success of your auto repair tasks. Customers would visit shops that ensure fast delivery of reliable services and that is possible when you and your workforce are equipped with effective and efficient repair tools otherwise they will choose your compititors. You will be buying tools as per your selling proposition. Here are general services along with a list of tools and equipment delivered in auto repair shops.

Lifting Tools and Equipment:

  • Four post lift
  • Hydraulic Trolley jack
  • Mechanical screw jack
  • Car Dolly.

Wheel and Tire Services:

  • Cross Wrench
  • Wheel balance
  • Aligner & Hammer
  • Twin Connector
  • Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit
  • Tire Gauge &Turn Tables
  • Digital Tire Infiltrator

Painting and Denting: 

  • Paint-less dent repair tool kit
  • C Clamp,Polisher
  • Drilling machine

Oiling Services:

  • Vehicle Washer Car
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Waste Oil Drainer
  • Oil Spray Gun
  • Oil Lube meter
  • Pneumatic Oil Drainer .

Ac Condition Services:

  • AC Recovery Recharge Machine
  • UV Leak Detector Kit &Vacuum Pump,
  • Tube Bender & Digital Thermometer.

Welding Services:

  • Welding Goggles
  • Welding Cable & Welding Holder
  • welding machine & Gas Welder,
  • Cutting Machine & Pneumatic Drill

Pneumatic Services:

  • Power Booster $ Plastic Measures
  • Battery Charger

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